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Mathematics Department

The Maths Department in Coleraine College is made up of a committed team of teachers who have a passion for the subject.
As a department we aim to make learning fun and interactive,
helping building pupils’ confidence to ensure they reach their full potential.


Key Stage 3

A KS3 we follow the Revised NI Curriculum which helps pupils to develop important skills such as calculating, logical thinking and investigating. Maths enables pupils to:
  • understand quantity and measures;
  • appreciate patterns and relationships;
  • explore size and shape; and
  • analyse data and chance.
Pupils take part in a programme called Numeracy Ninjas on a weekly basis, this is a fun competitive way for them to practice key skills and helps them to retain information.

Key Stage 4

To help meet the needs of all pupils, we offer a range of different pathways at KS4:
The content of each GCSE Mathematics unit relates to:
  • Number and Algebra
  • Geometry and Measures
  • Statistics and Probability
The units all provide opportunities for students to develop and apply their mathematical skills to real-life contexts. The eight available units are:
  • M1: Foundation Tier
  • M2: Foundation Tier
  • M5: Foundation Tier Completion Test
  • M6: Foundation Tier Completion Test
  • M3: Higher Tier
  • M4: Higher Tier
  • M7: Higher Tier Completion Test
  • M8: Higher Tier Completion Test
At Coleraine College we offer both Foundation and Higher Tier. The grades that a student can achieve depend on the units that they sit for assessment. For more details on the course content see the CCEA website:
Essential Skills - Application of Number Level 1 + 2
As an alternative to GSCE, and aimed at pupils working at a low GCSE level, the Essential Skills Application of Number course is offered for some pupils at KS4
Essential skills qualifications are designed to be relevant and interesting.
The course itself is designed to be an achievable pathway in Mathematics and successful completion of the Level 2 course is recognised by numerous employers and further education colleges to be the equivalent of a grade ‘C’ at GCSE level.
Essential Skills - Application of Number has three components:
  • Representing information
  • Carrying out calculations
  • Interpreting results and presenting findings
Entry Level
Entry Level Mathematics is offered for our pupils in the Learning Support Centre. This course is designed for those pupils who find Maths immensely challenging. Entry Level qualifications can help learners to expand their knowledge, increase their confidence and demonstrate achievement.
This specification is made up of units, and learners can gain a qualification at Entry Level 1, 2 or 3. For each unit, learners produce a portfolio of work to show how they’ve met the assessment criteria; there are no exams.
There are six units:
  • Unit 1: Working with Whole Numbers
  • Unit 2: Working with Time and Measures
  • Unit 3: Using Money
  • Unit 4: Working with Shape
  • Unit 5: Working with Position and Space
  • Unit 6: Data Handling

Enrichment Activities

-Whole school problem solving competitions
-Celebrating World Maths Day with whole school activities
-Revision classes offered in the run up to exams
-KS3 Numeracy Support Programme to offer extra help for some pupils
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