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School Departments

Browse our School departments to see what we offer in Coleraine College. Use the dropdown menu above to view all subjects.
The Maths Department in Coleraine College is made up of a committed team of teachers who have a passion for the subject.
As a department we aim to make learning fun and interactive,
helping building pupils’ confidence to ensure they reach their full potential.
We believe it is paramount that all pupils have the opportunity at KS3 to develop their ICT skills in order to prepare them for the digital world. 
Art & Design
Art and design is an important part in the all round education of young people. It provides for them a unique way of expressing feelings and ideas about the world they live in. The curriculum content of the art and design programme will prepare pupils for their years beyond school. A heightened awareness will contribute to a growing respect for both the natural and man-made environment they live in. In keeping with the aims of the school, involvement in creative activity will encourage the development of worthwhile attitudes in development of the individual. Co-operation, perseverance and tolerance demanded within the subject, contribute to the all round personal and social development of the pupil.
Physical Education
At Key Stage 3 and 4  pupils will have the opportunity to participate in the following sports, football, rugby, netball, hockey, gymnastics, modern rhythmic gymnastics, cheerleading, trampolining, dance,  badminton, health related fitness, cross country, sports hall athletics, athletics, short tennis, cricket, handball, volleyball, basketball, unihoc, orienteering and  rounders.
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