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Art & Design

Art and design is an important part in the all round education of young people. It provides for them a unique way of expressing feelings and ideas about the world they live in. The curriculum content of the art and design programme will prepare pupils for their years beyond school. A heightened awareness will contribute to a growing respect for both the natural and man-made environment they live in. In keeping with the aims of the school, involvement in creative activity will encourage the development of worthwhile attitudes in development of the individual. Co-operation, perseverance and tolerance demanded within the subject, contribute to the all round personal and social development of the pupil.
With the subject pupils will be offered a broad range of activities which will encompass both attainment targets, Investigating and Realising. Pupils will explore in a variety of 2D and 3D media, developing the appropriate skills and techniques associated with them.
Ongoing evaluation will foster a growing appreciation of not only their own work, but that of their peers, other pupils, as well as outside artists, designers and craftsworkers within their own and other cultures.
Continuity and progression has been planned within the scheme of work. The curriculum planning related to skills and techniques has been set out over Key Stage 3. Further individual progression will be determined by the complexity of tasks set within the classroom.
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