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Languages Department

Welcome to the Languages Department.

Key Stage 3

Currently all pupils in Years 8 – 10 have a timetable allocation of two 40/45 minute sessions of French per week.
During this time we follow the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum, giving pupils opportunities to develop as individuals, as contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and the environment.
We employ a wide variety of teaching strategies and resources endeavouring to cater for the pupils’ individual learning styles. We seek to develop the pupils’ competence in the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing across a wide range of topics which include family life, hobbies and interests, school life, food, shopping and the environment.


Presently pupils who choose to continue to study French at Key Stage 4 are allocated four 40/45 minute periods per week and follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum Programme of Study.
The subject content is divided into four contexts with associated topics:
    • Myself and Others
    • My Locality
    • Travel and Holidays
    • Work and Continuing Education
There are two tiers of entry, Foundation and Higher, and in each of the four skill areas (listening, speaking, reading and writing) candidates can enter the tier appropriate to their level of ability.
Candidates entering for the Foundation Tier are eligible for the award of Grades C – G while the Higher Tier is intended for candidates in the Grade range A* – D.

Extra Curricular

Previous year groups have travelled to France as part of their subject.

The pupils look forward, and respond enthusiastically, to the arrival of the assistant each year and are keen to learn about France and its culture and traditions and to make comparisons between the French way of life and their own.
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